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Woice is ideal for anyone working remotely, especially where collaborators are in different time zones. Your next client could be anywhere in the world, so come equipped with the right communication tools. You’re getting a communication tool that focuses on voice and gives you automatic transcriptions so you can search through them.

“I can’t believe people have not thought about implementing transcriptions for voice messages. This makes my life so much easier and everything is always searchable.”

Ben Schwartzman

CEO and owner

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You’ll get a premium community for 3 months completly free. A great opportunity to try out asynchronous way of working with a voice first approach. For a team of 10 that is 270$ completely off for the first three months.

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Sarah J. Matos

Product manager

“When we started working remotely, I couldn’t imagine that working from home would go very quickly from the best thing ever to the worst: I just can’t catch a break with all these notifications.”

Brittany R. Charles

UX designer

"Unfocused meetings are slowly but surely ruining my whole workday: I’m basically doing two jobs by simply attending meetings & briefing everybody afterward."

James Miller

Software engineer

“I’m feeling the pressure to check my work channels all the time: it seems like so much is happening & I’m missing out on it. It’s taken a toll on me, I have to admit.”

Eric Shaw

Scrum master

“There are days when I’m physically tired from simply looking for the right information: there’s something on Slack, inside a Google Doc, a spreadsheet here, and e-mail there. It can really wear you out doing this for longer periods of time.”

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