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We're really passionate about async voice communication

And we all worked in remote global teams for a while now. We don't really like how we communicated with current tools and decided to build our own.

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Why we're building voice

We want to change the way people communicate in the digital age and instead of using tools that evolved from text and keyboard communication to ones being designed for natural voice communication that defies timezones.

Team building

Woice's entire team has been working remotely for quite some time. Working across time zones presents unique challenges. We've all experienced discomfort with being constantly available and have begun to seek out new ways to be more present. But we discovered that there were no really good communication tools that would allow us to communicate as naturally as we're used to with voice messages while also allowing us to search through those voice messages. We cut it short and began working on our own solution. We want to improve work-life balance and clearer, more emotional communication for global remote teams.

Sergej Gorišek


We've been building woice in public and a lot of the decisions have been made with people woice is for

That is why we decided that the honorary spot goes to the #buildinpublic movement. Thanks for everything! 


Sergej Gorišek


Žiga Fajfar


Luka Mlakar


Besart Kodraliu

Full stack engineer

Arbnor Rexhepi

Backend engineer

Valmir Duraku

Full stack engineer

Who are we

Built by Flowout, a fast-growing, unlimited Webflow design & development subscription service.

We're a team of 21 people and have served over 100 clients like Jasper.ai, Sequoia Capital, Sendlane and many others. We're also part of the Webflow Enterprise program! We know that Webflow can be limiting at times, so we created products like Vidzflow and Linguana to overcome these limitations. Our mission is to empower people by providing simple yet powerful tools that allow them to share their stories without any technical barriers.


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Team members

5+ yrs

Of experience with Webflow

Our location

Our home is the vibrant city of Maribor in Slovenia.

Our team works remotely but our office is based in the charming city of Maribor in Slovenia. Located in the heart of Europe, Maribor is a thriving hub of innovation and creativity, making it the perfect location for our company to grow and thrive. We are grateful to be a part of such a vibrant community and we look forward to continuing to serve our clients from this dynamic location.

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