Talk, collaborate and meet online asynchronously
with Woice

Async and live communication with audio transcription

Woice is the first voice messenger that helps you get rid of the noise and clutter in chat history and allows you to listen and talk to your colleagues. It is asynchronous first so it can help you eliminate unimportant meetings and stay updated with what's really important.

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Stop forgetting what happened in meetings

Audio transcripts, in a snap

No more second-guessing who said what in a meeting: transcripts, without the hassle. Give yourself greater peace of mind with the woice transcription feature.

Work in the same room - remotely and instant

One tool, whatever the location

No more hopping between multiple tools to ask a quick question. We built it with remote workers in mind. You can chat and talk instantly or go completely async.

Communicate at
your own pace

Now or later - your choice

Want to share an interesting tidbit with your team but don't want to bother them in their off-time? In woice, you can choose between both async and live

One communication tool that declutters your work enviroment

Optimized communication, with a human touch

An awesome list of features that will make ou switch from google meet, zoom, whatsapp, telegram, slack, discord, teams, loom, yac and all others. Make sure you can work distractions free and continue to communicate efficiently.

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Change your mindset and optimise your work communication

Asynchronous voice messaging for small teams

Changing your mindset is hard work. But in the end you're always thankful for the journey. We believe asynchronous is the way forward and we want to give voice communication another push. Focus and work at your pace.

Why woice?

There are days when I’m physically tired from simply looking for the right information: there’s something on Slack, inside a Google Doc, a spreadsheet here, and e-mail there. It can really wear you out doing this for longer periods of time.

Lara Drachmann

Product owner

I’m getting really annoyed with all these video calls and meetings - do we really need to have one more meeting? Like hello, I’ve got other work to do as well?

Guillermo Pareja

Development team lead

Unfocused meetings are slowly but surely ruining my whole workday: I’m basically doing two jobs by simply attending meetings & briefing everybody afterward.

Rubi Berrocal

Customer support lead

There were numerous occasions where we’ve said one thing in a meeting and later on forgot about it because we didn’t write it down. We’re losing time on saying the same thing over and over again.

Christopher Hettinger

Product designer

When we started working remotely, I couldn’t imagine that working from home would go very quickly from the best thing ever to the worst: I just can’t catch a break with all these notifications popping up all the time.

Ben Schwartzman

CEO and owner

I’m feeling the pressure to check my work channels all the time: it seems like so much is happening & I’m missing out on it. It’s taken a toll on me, I have to admit.

Isabelle Desjardins

Team lead